Fuel Management

Municipalities across the country are spending millions of dollars on fuel used to idle vehicles that must keep their emergency lights flashing: police cars, fire trucks, ambulances, highway construction vehicles, public works trucks and more. The IdleRight Idle Reduction System monitors the battery's condition and automatically idles your vehicle only when necessary.

Fuel Useage Comparison: Ford Crown Victoria

“For every hour that the vehicle idles, it has accumulated the equivalent of approximately 33 miles (53 km) of driving.”

Source: Crown Victoria Police/Fleet Vehicle Owner’s Manual Supplement

*2004 Ford Crown Victoria and LED warning light package test results.

A typical Police Vehicle will spend thousands of hours during its life cycle idling to operate critical safety lighting.

A typical State Highway truck will spend 600 hours per year idling to provide safety lighting.

A typical vehicle that idles for 6 hours at an emergency or construction scene uses as much as 4 gallons of gas. That same vehicle, equipped with the Havis IdleRight system, uses less than one-quarter of a gallon of gas — and never jeopardizes the charge in your battery needed for start-up. Multiply that fuel cost savings by the number of vehicles in a single municipality, times the number of days in the year, and you'll quickly recognize the value of this new technology. The cost of the unit will pay for itself — and you'll be reducing harmful emissions and reducing wear and tear on your engine!